Crazy Stalker Ex Sugar Daddies/Clients… What to do???

I have been an “entertainer” for almost a decade now. So with in that time there’s no doubt that I have left a few “men” (Tricks/SugarDaddies/Clients) pretty salty after they realize there is truly no realistic chance for them to be with me. Sometimes, it may be my fault for leading them on so much so I could potentially drain their entire recreational stripper fund… But in reality, they knew what they were buying in to. You meet a stripper… You spend thousands of dollars on her… She only hangs out with you if you’re paying or buying her something of significant value… she never tells you anything real or personal… What do these people expect??? A stripper (woman who dances or talks to men for MONEY) is going to want one thing… MONEY… & they don’t give a damn about anything else you have to offer. That’s just the truth.

So what do you do when you have gotten too involved with a client.. (or they have become to involved with you)? Well that is the hard part. I don’t spend too much time worrying about these guys I “played” in the past because I don’t feel I was in the wrong for accepting gifts and money from them. They wanted a hot chick to hang around and hit on or show off on the town or whatever it was, and they wanted me to be that girl, and they aren’t stupid… there’s clearly a price to hang out with me. So with that being said, they paid that price!!! So how could they be mad that I didn’t want to change my life and marry or date one of these pathetic men who beg me so hard to hang with them that they are so desperate to be around me that they have to pay me??? That’s your problem! I had a product I was selling (my time & breath I wasted being in your presence) & my services we’re rendered and I was compensated. I’m like a lawyer or a therapist… Do you think they would hang out with their clients for free while having to still do their job? Yeah Fucking Right!!!

Anyways… back to the point. What do you do with the disillusioned man who feels that they did so much for you or that you owe them something? Well you’ve got to just fucking ignore them!! They are seeking attention or validation from you somehow, that even the smallest response, even if it is negative, is going to trigger them to be happy and feel like they have you in their grasp.

Don’t feel like you can ignore them? They may be really really persistent and try to find you, get in touch with friends and family, or show up where you work now. The best thing to do in a situation like this is to tell someone, maybe your family, a few close friends, managers at work, and definitely your significant other. This is more serious than just blocking some one on facebook. Don’t egg them on or argue back with them. Truly this makes it worse.

I currently have one super obnoxious ex-source of income (sugar daddy), I met him over 7 years ago and I used to let him take me shopping and pay my bills & give me money for my life in general because I was a lazy 20 year old twat who didn’t want to work hard… & he was offering it! At the time I didn’t realize that I was going to have to pay for it in the end.. the thing you have to realize is that, I did not enjoy being around this person… he was rude, ignorant, snobby with out right, and thought he was better than most. I forced myself to be around him because I thought it was better to KNOW I had the money coming than to go to work & not be sure (STUPID STUPID STUPID IDEA) plus I loved that he would take me shopping all the time and take me and my friends out to all the coolest hot spots in Miami. I never knew the after math would be so dramatic.

Eventually I ended the whole thing.. it was fun & sort of profitable while it lasted… on to the next $$$… but he could not let go. I moved from Miami back to Maryland because I just wasn’t feeling like this was the life I wanted to lead and I wanted to try something different. I would get calls from random numbers.. emails from him listing all my family members, where they live & work, emails etc… He threatened to have my family killed… me killed. BTW this man was from another country & traveled so he was not a citizen here so there’s not much you can do about a crazy man in another country.

So I haven’t seen this man in 5 or more years, I havent accepted anything from him, but somehow I keep getting contacted by him regularly… minimum a few times a year.. to like once a month. And it’s not just like a hello.. It’s paragraphs of him cussing me out… talk bad about me, my friends, and my family, threatening me. I know it’s easy to say “block him” , but I have!! I blocked him from all emails… blocked & deleted him from myspaces, instagrams, twitters, etc & I still get shit from him! A crazy man will never give up. He found this blog… he will comment on things with his skewed opinion & try to make me feel bad about myself… which is not about to happen. He always thinks he did soooooooo much for me, when he did nothing but give me some money and dangle more above my head, and try to make me submit to him.

I don’t know if this man is on drugs… but he clearly has mental issues. I could fear for my safety because it’s really no hard to find me. I post where I work, I do not hide. Could he show up? Yes. Am I scared? No. I have far too many people who love and fuck with me HARD that will have no hesitation to take him somewhere he never thought he would be… but that’s not a threat, that’s what’s TRUE. My biggest mistake was to keep responding to him years ago when I just wanted to argue back & prove he was wrong, when the best thing I could have done was to just have no response at all. lesson learned.

I just wanted to give a little warning to the women in my world so that they don’t get themselves into a similar (potentially worse) situation. Don’t let people too far into your personal life so that they could turn what you’re doing against you. Always look out for YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY… It’s not “Money Over Everything” money does not get a higher place than your SAFETY. ALSO, never let someone make you feel like you OWE them something for what they have done for, or given you, OR that they MADE you… People may help you along the way but you consciously do what you want and whats best for you even if it was at the suggestion of another person.