Don’t be afraid to take a stand

Some people are ignorant and uninformed and some are purposefully hateful. If you know you’re a piece of shit and have hateful thoughts about certain people, then just keep your thoughts to yourself. Because if you think it will never catch up to you, you’re wrong. There are people out there who will make sure it’s known & won’t let you think you can go around making people uncomfortable for your own pleasure. 

 I’m not going to ride around in a car with a stranger I’m trusting with my life, and have him make nasty comments and my thoughts are that I’m glad I’m going to a condo not a house because if I was going to my house I would have him drop me off some where public and call another uber. Also he is making hating ass comments about another race like he is some supreme being… Nasty ass people who think they have some type of privilege.. Karma is real

  There’s no reason you should keep quiet when an issue like this is going to affect other people too. If he felt so comfortable saying these things to me… I can imagine him with others… Got to look out for other people.