Girl from south Florida found dead…

I never met this girl, that I know of… but I saw on Instagram that she was missing. I don’t know anything for sure but I heard that her phone, car, and body were found in different places in broward county, Florida (fort lauderdale area). She was a dancer at a lot of clubs down here (like me and all my girlfriends) and it just makes me want to remind women that are working out here, that are from here or from out town, that there may be some really messed up people out there, and you can’t put yourself in situations that you are vulnerable. I have no idea what happened to her but I hope it was not as bad as people think it might have been. I hope she didn’t have to suffer… Could have been death from a natural cause, a murder, or drug something… I just hope she didn’t feel pain and is in a better place. 

If it was a client, this guy is still out and about and has access to many women doing the same thing.

I just hope I can reach some people that may not think to protect themselves actively. Meeting people you don’t know, from your job, or the Internet … Is really not a good idea at this time in the world… Some people are really messed up. People can drug your drinks or food without you knowing… Don’t accept and consume things from people that could be a predator… It is really that easy. Also these drugs and alcohol are really fatal… They fuck with your head and you don’t make proper decisions or you put your trust in people who would really harm you. Wake up, be safe and take all pro cautions to keep yourself alive and surviving! Buy a knife at the minimum, learn to shoot… Be active in your safety.