How to turn others negativity into positive energy

It’s great to be able to experience real life situations where you experience people who have a negative spirit… Try to attack people who are positive. Negative people are like crabs… They don’t want to see another crab get out of the bucket so they grab their claw with their claw and latch on so no one can get out of the bucket. 

People can’t comprehend that with all the craziness going around daily, that it’s possible to keep a positive mind and not let people’s constant crabbing get to you. Let me tell you a story about something I experienced a few hours ago…

I walk into work… I’m in the locker room, getting ready to go on the floor. So I bought these essential oil rollers for perfume from my friend who is one of the house moms, & I bought one called pink sugar… It’s smells like brown sugar or vanilla or whatever… But I have worn it before and I’ve made plenty of money with it and have had plenty of compliments about it. So there’s two girls who are cliqued up, & one says “is something burning??” The other is like “I know… Eww is that my hair burning?” (She’s flat ironing) then the first girl is like “Ricki let me smell you..” *snif snif* “ew that stinks it smells like some burnt shit like burnt marshmallows or something nasty… You need to take that off” I say to her… “well I’ll remember to not give you a hug then 👀🙄” the other girls is cosigning her and all that. So I’m just watching them talk and say a bunch of unnecessary negative word vomit that I don’t even care about and I say “well I’m going to go find me a big fat sugar loving sugar daddy and rub it all over him and take all his money” and give my girlfriend a smile, who is also watching them & is rolling her eyes & the main one talking shit says “oh shit your right! Let me get some of it… I want to put some on..” & I tell them both that they have me COMPLETELY fucked up and I’m not giving her hating ass a damn thing. The she’s like… “Well what you got in your locker then??  Let me borrow an outfit or something… Gimme your corset, I know you have some thing I can borrow” at this point my mind is just blown… Like really? So you’re going to try me and talk shit & then try to use what you talked shit about AND borrow an outfit??? So I’m looking at her and I say… “You’re not borrowing shit… I’m not giving you anything and I damn sure am not going to ever let you borrow a damn thing from me, you must be delusional” I close my locker and lock my door. 

So am I just crazy or did this chick just try me and make herself look dumb as fuck? Or what? I swear people need to listen when I say that these chemicals they are putting in the food and shit people are using are eating up their brain cells. You can’t tell me that a normal person would be so nasty and hateful just to have her voice be heard. I barely ever even interact with these girls and I can guarantee every time I have it was me being nice or positive.

Besides that fact that these two women are in clearly volitile home situations, they are always pretty catty. I know how people are treated at home affects their self esteem and personality and I know they were just being bitches because they are being mistreated at home. But, besides that, my reaction is a reflection of who I am. I always am going to keep a smile on my face because if anything I feel pity for people who have to be mean to get attention… I wish they didn’t have to be like that but they haven’t woken up and realize that this is not a competition, we’re all trying to win in our own way, and we have enough people bringing us down, we shouldn’t try to bring each other down!

So the point of this story is… I could have had a different reaction… I could have spoken to them the same way they spoke to me, or I could have found a way to make her feel even worse than she was TRYING to make me feel, but I have bigger plans for myself. I want my energy to be so high that shit like that rolls off my back like a duck in the rain. Just be reminding myself in those moments, that I am me… I control my emotions and I can choose to either believe what their saying… Or remember that some people lash out on innocent people because of the own hate in their heart… & to not let it affect the rest of my day.

After that I was walking out and another girl asked me how I was doing and I just sighed and laughed & she said.. “Having day??” I said to her… “No I’m not having a day, I’m having a great day but I’m trying to understand why people can be so rude nasty & hateful for absolutely no reason…  I came here to work & make money… Not make friends or worry about other people.” She says to me well people need to decide whether they want to be friends (acquaintances) or not like you” and I told her… “Uh I don’t want to be friends… I don’t want to be anything to anyone… Just want to make $$ & if you’re not sending me out on a positive vibe or helping me make some money then deuces!!” & she just laughed and agreed because what else can you say?? 

It’s true! Nobody wants to be around negativity! Not many people can turn something negative to something positive but I am so proud of myself because I did not let a real life troll change my mindset.. I stood tall… Shut their mouths for them & continued on with my night and make lots of money & made plenty of people smile& brighten their night up with my positive energy that they most definitely complimented me on!

So take it as a lesson… #1 don’t be those girls!!! NOBODY likes those girls… The only ones who like them… Are themselves (if that) & #2 don’t ever let criticism or a comment from someone else change the way you feel about yourself & what you chose… Even over something as small as a perfume scent or as big as your career. I like it & I won’t let someone change my mind about what I like just because they don’t like it.