How to win a strippers heart <3 (How to be a good Sugar Daddy)

Guys always ask me what they could do to make a dancer happy. Well there’s plenty of things you can do to help any of us be happy and have successful lives. 

I made a list of DO’S & DON’TS for you lovely people out there who wish to know how to have a non dramatic relationship with your favorite stripper!

DO: tell your sugar baby when you will be in town, don’t assume she knows your schedule. 

DON’T: assume she does not have a life outside of you & work. 

DO: bring the same amount of money in that you always give her, or more. If you’re short on cash that week, let her know ahead of time so she can let you know if it will be an issue or not.

DON’T: give her ultimatums. She doesn’t belong to you so enjoy the time you spend together, don’t make issues with jealousy.

DO: help her be successful in life. If you want to be a part of her getting out of the club, find ways that you can help her set up her future. Start a business for her, help her do or pay her taxes, show her how to invest, make investments for her. Help her purchase property. You might know how to do things she doesn’t know yet, why not contribute?!

DON’T: expect anything but quality time. Just because money is exchanged for time, doesn’t mean she owes you anything except what you knew you were getting from her.

DO: be a positive influence. Everyone enjoys their time together when it’s full of fun & enjoyable conversation. We both want to have a good time!

DON’T: forget that if you’re at her job, she is there to work… She may have to hang out with other people… Use that time to chill or meet some other people yourself! Don’t ever be jealous! 

DO: remember that even though this is her job, people still form bonds and become friends so even if it is at a workplace… A woman still gets to choose who she hangs out with so she must enjoy your company if she continues to hang out with you. So always appreciate the time you get to spend with people and getting to know them because people always meet for a reason, they have a need for each other somehow!

DON’T: harass her if she gives you her cell phone number! No one wants to be blown up at random times or have someone getting mad because you’re busy & can’t reply back. Be realistic.

DO: give your sugar baby gifts! Money, gift cards, bill payments, cash gifts… Anything will do! You want your baby to be happy right??

DON’T: forget you can always contribute to your favorite strippers success (ME obviously) by donating some cash to my paypal at !!! 
I hope this helps people understand how to enjoy each other and be respectful of others lives!!