Let a bitch try me… Try me

๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ผ๐Ÿ˜ผWith all this daily connection to people we tend to forget that what you see or here online is not always real or what it seems to be. Successful people don’t tell all their business and may even use some moves to throw you off their trail because people always want to compare their lives and make assumptions. I didn’t make this life for myself, it was given to me… Even though many people may not understand what being a role model is or being someone who has to encourage people daily means to the world, but that doesn’t stop me from doing me. People also want to be in your relationships etc but don’t realize that what is for ME, is for ME & me only. No one has to understand my relationships or my personal life because it is MINE. And people will one day realize that what’s mine, has always been mine, and will always be mine… Until the end of time. Doesn’t matter who knows or who cares… It’s still gonna be me and mine forever. I don’t have to explain to people why I have what I have, I have it because I’m real and being real is what keeps real people around… That fake shit gets peeped by real people from the jump. 

I will play stupid all day but I always see the shade people throw at me and the hate they throw my way but that just makes me shine in a better light because people know that I’m able to rise above the adversity and seperate the real from the fake and just have the knowledge of what people are really trying to do to me. 

I don’t think I’m the best person ever but I’m damn sure not going to let someone try to degrade me or try to take something that’s mine and just let it happen. My life is built on honesty and trust. No ones ever going to take my man from me, he’s always been mine and he belongs to no one else but me, he may work with other people and deal with them but the life we are building together is being built everyday, it’s not gonna stop for anything… Not friends… Enemies disguised as friends… The economy…. The government… The world… Or any other people. We may even fuck with other women of we feel like it… People might as well get used to it, even though it seems that they can’t. The truth is the only people  I will check for in the “zombie apocalypse” is my man and my sugar gliders… Because everyone else around me is already dead to me and fake as fuck… You can change someone’s life for them but the truth is once a snake always a snake… Once a hater always a hater… And when people do you dirty the first time… Never forget… And when the do it again… Treat them differently… And when they continue to do it…. Just rise above it and look over their heads and know that people are always going to want what you have if they don’t have it and they need it and it’s human nature for them to do anything in their power to get it from you, even if they will never even have chance to have it, they would rather you not have it.

So stand tall and fight for what’s yours… Because love only comes around in its true form once & you can be one of 3 people… The one who misses it…. The one who tries to destroy it or the one who nurtures it and makes it stronger… So who are you?? Are you going to let others make you feel insecure? Or are you going to stand side by side with what is yours and say “you see this…. This is ME” and if you coming for it prepare to lose because I’m not letting go of what’s mine until my last breath and that’s really all that matters in the end… Not money… Not success… Not “friends”… Or having the coolest stuff. It’s love… Giving it and receiving it from genuine sources.