Most of us have trouble finding some stability in life… Some of us were blessed with family that sends us on the right direction from the beginning of our adult lives, but some of us really didn’t have the chance from the get go. We come from broken families… No families…. Abuse or drugs… Whatever it may be, stability is something everyone is searching for at some point. Having some where to have your things and to be permanently is important. 

Don’t let it get you down that some people may seem ahead of you… Everyone has their own experience in life and we move at our own pace. There’s no right or wrong… Or short or fast way to acquire what we want. Find what it is that you want and turn on the tunnel vision.

Focus your mind on having a stable life and start by making small goals and accomplishing them. Stop wasting time focusing on things that don’t mean anything in your future life. You may feel overwhelmed when you try to get your life in order but if you don’t have somewhere you feel like is home and is paid for regularly then it will take a toll on your self esteem and make it harder for you to function daily.

Always remember to actively persue your REAL DREAMS. Let go of things holding you back and make a way for yourself no matter what anyone says!