Strip club etiquette… How-to MAKE IT RAIN!




If you love strip clubs as much as I do, you may know that there is a certain ETIQUETTE that you must follow that will ensure your good time. Now, this is not a “nightclub” or a “lounge”, There are women here (working) that will show you a great time… if you show us that you are worth our effort 🙂 Us women love to be appreciated.


See this here may be you…. You got a good job, you came to enjoy yourself… you just got paid.. & now you’re in the strip club looking for a good time. You see a bunch of hot women dancing around in their panties…. What are you going to do with yourself???! You’re going to make it rain of course!!!


Now there are truly DO’S and DON’Ts to this process… & if you want your prospective stripper lover to smile like this blonde above ^^ you’re going to first have to learn what NOT to do!


  • Pick dollars up from the stage that someone else put down (or yourself previously) & try to give it to the stripper
  • Try to taunt the stripper with the dollar, as if you were not really going to give it to her
  • Walk around with wads of ones in your hand & not give any out
  • Smack her ass and then hand her a dollar
  • Grab her titty & give her a dollar
  • Try to pull down her panties
  • Put money in her crotch when shes shaking her ass in your face and cannot see what you’re doing behind her
  • Try to touch her cookies when she’s not looking (or at all)
  • Lick her in anyway
  • Record her on your phone


Disrespecting a stripper can lead to a few things… a heel in your face, a broken hand, a bouncer pummeling you, or you getting ejected from the club. None of those are things that you want to experience, plus these girls are working hard and deserve to be respected.

Now, here are a few ways to ensure a good time while you’re partying at a strip club….


  • Keep your hand out of places that would offend even a skanky dancer
  • Give EXTRA…. if she’s going extra hard on the booty bouncing… don’t be stingy! Throw some mo’!!!
  • Get a few stacks of a hundred singles so you don’t have to be constantly getting more & you always have enough on deck for that special stripper
  • Still tip the dancers in front of you even if you don’t like them. There’s nothing worst than dancing for someone who clearly has money and just doesn’t give you anything for your hard work just because they may not be your type
  • Ask the dancer before you stick it some where funny (close to the kitty or the titties)
  • Encourage your friends to open up and give the girls a tip
  • Show extra appreciation to your favorites
  • Go crazy and tip some big bills ($5, $10, $50, $100)
  • Give the girl some space while shes dancing
  • Be gentle
  • Keep your drink off the stage
  • Most importantly… IF YOU HAVE NO MONEY… GET OUT OF THE WAY!!!


There are many ways, actually, to make it rain. You can grab a wad and throw it high up in the air and let it rain down (my favorite), you can have a stack in your hand and stand over your dancer and flick them (pictured below) all over their body… I know someone who loves to do this very fast and hits you in the face with it (only acceptable if it is multiple hundreds he is spraying), You can also slowly drizzle your money on them for a sexy effect… but also just putting them in their thong or garter can be a very effective way of doing it. Always try to keep it creative and do something special if you’re try to get the attention of that special girl!! There’s also a few toys available that can be fun… There’s a cash cannon that is hand held that spits money out quickly… Also a real cannon powered by something that spits that fog out like its a fire extinguisher… throw a few hundreds in there and make that shit rain all over the club!! Now these options aren’t available at all clubs… but if there are.. just know that you are at a club that people want to have fun at and you should always try to use your options & become the life of the party… trust me, you will enjoy your time much more if you are generous.


I hope you enjoyed today’s lesson on how to make it properly… until next time…!!!